If you're closing down your business premises or relocating to another area, seeking a professional cleaning service is a good idea. An 'end of lease' cleaning service applies to many commercial businesses such as offices, warehouses, retail centers and professional businesses like clinics. Through a cleaning contractor, this service will sanitise your former working place and restore it back to its pre-lease condition.

What does an 'end of lease' cleaning involve?

This service involves the diligent cleaning of walls, floors, windows and permanent fixtures. The service is carried out once you have removed your goods from the premises. Left with only a bare working space, the cleaning team cleans the windows, wipes the walls, scrubs tiled floors and steam cleans carpets. If you have any furniture left within the property, that too is cleaned and arranged or covered as per your liking.

In the process, dried in stains and dirt that had accumulated under fixtures is cleaned. All collected trash is then bagged and removed for disposal. The premises are left clean, dry and airy.

What are the benefits of an 'end of lease' cleaning service?

  • Leave the premises clean. Through a cleaning service, you get to remove any dirt that has accumulated in hard-to-reach areas. You also rid the place of all the dirt that has accumulated during the relocation/removal process. If you've repainted or repaired any part of the premises, the cleaning service ensures that any dirt resulting from the process is cleaned after too.
  • Avoid disputes/penalties. Depending on your tenancy agreement, you may be required to leave the property clean. By getting this commercial cleaning service, you get to adhere to that rule and avoid penalties from the landlord or management authority.
  • Protect your business reputation. Even where tenancy agreements do not bind you to cleaning after your commercial premises, a cleaning service will ensure your reputation is not blemished by leaving behind a dirty working area. Your landlord will be pleased by the outlook of the property and will be more than willing to work with you in future.
  • Control what you leave behind. If you just pack up and leave your former working area, you might leave behind compromising information about your business. By getting a cleaning service, you get to ensure that nothing negative or confidential remains in the area. This applies to supplies, trash, documents or simply the condition of your workplace.

As you plan for a removal, organise for the cleaning service too. The team will get started as soon as you're done packing up, or at a later scheduled date. For more tips or assistance, consult companies like GreenKleen Australia.