Many homes would look instantly tidier if all of the clutter was removed from the rooms. Although many homeowners put aside time to vacuum and dust, less time is spent on de-cluttering the house; it is exactly this type of mess that can detract from an otherwise clean-looking space. Keeping a clutter free home is all about planning, a little effort, then the emergence of a proper routine.

Break the House into Zones—Not Rooms

The most important step with regards to the planning phase is splitting the house up into different zones. This is different to splitting the house into rooms, as there could be more than one zone in a room. For example, in the children's bedroom, there could be a zone for toys and a zone for clothes. Instead of just leaving items anywhere in the room, these items should be placed in their zones; this allows you to micromanage the clutter in the rooms.

Once you have identified zones, the items will have a place to stay within a room, rather than just anywhere in the room. This is the difference between tidy and clutter free. Many people find that they simply move one piece of clutter into a different location in the same room, rather than actually tidy it away properly. Making zones, including within rooms, can help solve this problem.

Make Some Practical Changes to Increase Storage

On a more practical level, think about making some small changes to the rooms so that they can accommodate any zones you draw up. For instance, you may clean out a cupboard to allow it to be used as a zone for certain items, or you could buy, build or hire a professional to install extra cupboards in a room.

There is also the option of using space saving devices, such as vertical hanging storage baskets. Almost all properties do already have some types of storage containers, but to keep a home clutter-free, you will need to create a little more space for the zones.  

Establish a Routine

Now that you've identified where everything should be and provided additional storage as well, it is time to start establishing a routine. Find a few minutes in the evening on a daily basis, and put back any clutter into its rightful zone. Get the kids involved doing their room, and link this clutter removing to any pocket money or treats you would usually buy for them. Ask your spouse to spend a few minutes with you, helping to de-clutter.

After a few evenings of de-cluttering, suggest to your family that if they put things back into the zones as they go, they could avoid spending time tidying in the evenings. Keep up the evening routines, and hopefully your family will, after a short time, begin to tidy after themselves.

After a little while, keeping things tidy will become a routine for you and your family, helping to keep your home clutter free. For more tips on de-cluttering, contact resources like Sydney's Cheapest Rubbish Removal.