The carpet is an important asset in the home because it protects the floors, provides comfort and enhances interior aesthetics. Therefore, it is important to choose the right cleaning company to ensure that the results are excellent and the quality of fabric is maintained. There are diverse carpet cleaning services in terms of equipment, processes and costs.

You can make a decision by evaluating essential factors. Here are the primary factors to consider when shopping for the ideal carpet cleaning company.

Cleaning Methods

There are different techniques which can be used to clean carpets, rugs and mats. Your choice will depend on the type of carpet fabric, preference and the degree of soiling or staining. Cleaning methods are broadly classified as dry or wet techniques. Each category has disadvantages and advantages so it is important to assess your preferred choice before engaging a cleaner.

In dry cleaning, the carpet is saturated with absorbent products which soak up the dirt and grime. The material is then vacuumed away leaving a clean carpet. You will be able to use the carpet straight away but the dry techniques are unsuitable for thorough cleaning.

Wet cleaning methods such as steam cleaning, hot water extraction and shampooing are generally very effective. The carpet fibers are treated deeply using plenty of water to eliminate stains, mites, dust, debris and dirt. The main drawback of wet cleaning methods is that the carpets will take long to dry and the moisture will encourage mold and mildew growth.

You should look for companies with proprietary wet cleaning methods and equipment that minimises the amount of water used.

Solutions and Detergents

You should ensure that your preferred carpet cleaning service uses safe detergents. Some cleaning chemicals are harsh and abrasive so they can lower the quality of your carpet. Moreover, there are soaps that can aggravate respiratory conditions.

It is advisable to choose a company that uses eco-friendly and green cleaning solutions. There are alternative cleaning solutions which are safer and healthier for your family. For instance, companies like Chemdry Express have adapted the use of carbonating solutions. The process uses a club soda-like solution to draw the dirt particles from the carpet.

Service Costs

The service cost is an important factor because the cleaning expense is recurring. You should never choose the cheapest company but compare the quality of services with charges. It is also advisable to choose a business with package deals like cleaning upholstery, tiles and carpets at lower prices.