A garbage chute rental can help you to keep a construction or renovation site clean and even safe. Trying to toss refuse out a window and hit a bin below can be difficult and cause trash to scatter everywhere, and put other workers in danger. You might even hit a window or the building itself with your trash as it falls.

A garbage chute can make it easy to contain the debris created with renovation projects, and you may not have realized that you can actually rent such a chute for renovation projects. You need to choose the best one that will work for your job, so note a few factors to consider.

1. Material

Steel chutes are heavy-duty and usually bolted to a floor; these are most often used during construction and not home renovation. They are meant to withstand higher wind speeds and damage that might be done by heavier or sharper materials used in building projects. Poly chutes are more often used for home renovation projects such as roofing or replacing drywall. These are typically only used for standard, lightweight debris.

If you're not sure of the material to choose for your chute rental, ask the facility and note the materials you expect to toss down the chute. Items like brick and natural stone may be too heavy for a poly chute or may have sharp edges that would cut the material, but you may not want to pay for a heavier steel chute if you're simply tearing up carpeting or pulling down walls in your home.

2. Installation

How the garbage chute attaches to the building needs to be considered. Some need to be attached to scaffolding whereas others are attached directly to a building. If you're renting scaffolding for the work you're doing, you need to ensure that it will not get in the way of the chute. You also don't want to rent a chute that is meant for new construction and which bolts to the frame or subfloor of a building, if you're renting a chute for renovation work.

Along with installation, note if the chute needs to be assembled in any way and if so, how difficult this might be for you. Heavier chutes may be more difficult to assemble whereas some lightweight chutes may simply snap into place. Don't leave the rental agency or order any chute unless you're sure of how it assembles and know that you can handle this process on your own site. If you would like to rent a garbage chute for your home renovation, contact a company like Qwik Chutes.