Thinking of pressure washing the exterior of your home? While it can be an effective way to clean many homes, there are some cases in which it should be avoided. If you fall into any of the following categories, consider not pressure cleaning your house or possibly having a professional do it for you:

1. You have old siding

Unfortunately, old vinyl siding is typically not strong enough to handle pressure washing. It may get clean, but the water often ends up pock marking the vinyl siding especially if the person doing the spraying picks too severe of a nozzle. Surprisingly, pressure washing can also have the same effect on brick.

2. You have double glazed windows

Inexpertly directed streams of water with intense pressure can break the seals of double-glazed windows. As a result, water will condense in the windows, and you will have foggy rather than clear windows almost all the time.

Additionally, pressure washing can cause paint to come off and shades to break. Instead of risking damage to your house, consider having a professional pressure cleaning service handle it for you. They know which materials to use to get the cleanest, safest results.

3. You have mold or mildew

Blasting mold or mildew off with a pressure washer may sound effective, but unfortunately, the chemicals needed to kill these growths aren't good for the seals of most pressure washers. If you have mold or mildew, use a brush to scrub it. Then, rinse it off with a hose. You can follow with a careful pressure wash done by you or a professional.

4. You have lead paint

Pressure washing lead paint can send toxic particles flying all over the neighbourhood. Do not attempt to pressure wash a house full of lead paint yourself. Instead, consult with a lead abatement professional. Depending on the state of the paint, they may advise you to just paint over it rather than cleaning it, or they may have to remove it for you.

5. Your house has more than one level

If your house has more than one level, do not try to pressure wash it yourself unless you can reach everything safely from the ground. Pressure washing while on a ladder may result in falling. The water can hit the side of the house and the resultant back force may push you over, off the ladder and onto the ground.