How would it feel if you sealed every new commercial cleaning contract that you pursued? You'd be enthralled. Unfortunately, this is the most challenging aspect of running an office cleaning service business. Tight competition and difficulty in finding new leads are two primary challenge facing startup commercial office cleaning services. Such uncertainty can affect the operations because it is difficult to invest in a business if you don't know where and when the next contract is going to come. Luckily for you, there are insights that you can use to increase the chances of landing good business in the commercial cleaning segment. 

Talk Less and Listen More 

Although this might seem like a cliché nugget that applies to any industry, the truth is that it works best for the service industry and particularly for commercial cleaning businesses. The reason is that while organisations need their offices sparkling at all times, they aren't desperate for your services because service providers are many. Therefore, you might be tempted to start talking about how eco-friendly and affordable your cleaning services are. While it is okay to sell your unique services, you should make the conversation about the prospective customer and not your company. For instance, a potential client might tell you that they are looking for a new cleaner because the previous one was wanting. You can only get such useful information -- and use it to package your pitch -- by listening more.

Lead the Walk-Through 

This is another area where many startup cleaning service providers fail. Understandably, securing an appointment for your first potential contract can be exciting. However, office spaces are unique, and features such as floor and wall coverings and window material determine pricing and labour. Although a client will lead you through the walkthrough session, it is essential for you to take the lead subtly by noting little details that the customer might breeze through. For example, if the client wants cleaning services for the bathroom only, you should bring their attention to the rugged looking carpet leading to the restroom. It portrays your professionalism and increases the chances of the potential client hiring your services.

Keep Proposals Simple 

One of the many reasons most startup cleaning service providers don't get past the bidding phase is the failure to keep things simple. Since your client is in another industry, they will be less interested in the jargon that is used in the cleaning service industry. Customers might even feel embarrassed if they don't know what most terms in your proposal mean. Such embarrassment can lead them to choose another cleaning service. The easier it is to go through your proposal, the higher the chances of closing the contract.