If your cat sheds a lot, then you may feel like you're fighting a losing battle when it comes to cleaning up its lost hair. This can be a particular problem with long-haired cats or during hotter months when even short-haired cats may shed more fur.

Your cat's hair ends up on your carpet; over time, some of it may embed deep in the carpet's fibres. Even though you vacuum regularly at a high setting, you may not be able to shift all the hair that's in there. How can a window squeegee help you reach embedded hair?

How Can a Squeegee Pick up Cat Hair?

A window squeegee can give you extra cleaning power that may help shift cat hair that is stuck below a carpet's top pile. For this to work, you need an unpadded squeegee.

For example, a hand-held metal cleaner with a straight plastic edge that you use to wipe water off windows or to clean your shower will do the best job. Make sure that the squeegee's blade is clean and dry before you start. You don't want to transfer dirt or water on to the carpet.

Kneel down and put the squeegee on the carpet a little way ahead of you. Pull it firmly towards you. If this works, the squeegee should pull out some of the hair that is embedded in the fibres. The hair should fluff out so you can pick it up and discard it.

If you aren't getting out as much hair as you know is in there, rubbing the squeegee back and forth may loosen hair that is stuck further down.  Bear in mind that you don't want to damage the carpet's fibres, so don't be too rough here.

Will a Squeegee Clear Hair Completely?

If you use a squeegee on your carpet, it should pick up some cat hair that your vacuum can't dislodge. How much hair you get out may depend on the type of carpet you have, however.

A squeegee usually works best on short-fibred carpets rather than those with a deeper pile. You have to be more gentle with deep-pile carpets anyway, as you don't want to damage the carpet's fibres, which may pull out more easily.

Plus, the squeegee may not reach far enough down to remove all the hair from a deep-pile carpet. If you feel that there is still some hair embedded after you've tried this solution, then having your carpet cleaned professionally may be a more effective solution. A deep carpet cleaning could remove all of your cat's hair, no matter how far down in the carpet it has gone.